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BVP Application

Be recognised as a Bangsar Village PriVillage Card Member

Benefits include:

  1. Convenience as it is a stored-value parking card which can be used at Bangsar Village, Bangsar Village II and Bangsar Village III car parks. (No more queues to pay parking)

  2. Entitlement to collect e-parking points equivalent to 1% of the total purchase (min. RM50 in a single receipt) from the Bangsar Village Grocer.

  3. Exclusive specials, offers and discounts specially tailored for card members.

  4. Invitations to special events and promotions.

How to Apply?

  1. Application period : 1 January 2021 – 30 March 2021

  2. Eligibility criteria (all the following must be fulfilled):-
    a) collect a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 receipts within a month from Bangsar Village Grocer
    b) all the receipts must be from different days (minimum 3 different dates        within a month) and
    c) total of all the receipts must be at least RM150

  3. Receipts from Bangsar Village Grocer’s grocery, non-halal and wine sections on the same day can be combined and will be recognized only as 1 receipt.

  4. Duplicate receipts and credit card slips are not acceptable. Touch N Gotop-up transactions/receipts are not acceptable/permissible as part of any receipts submitted.

  5. Fill in the application form at the back of this form and submit the form clipped with your original receipts to Bangsar Village Info-Counter.


Collection of PriVillage Card

  1. Please allow 5 working days for processing from the day of your application.

  2. Your PriVillage Card can be collected from Bangsar Village Info Counter, daily 9am – 9pm.

  3. To collect your PriVillage Card:
    • Please present your NRIC / Passport / International Driving Licence; and
    • Pay RM50 cash for: -
    Initial Top-up Value: RM30 (your card as e-parking points)
    Non-refundable Admin Fee: RM20 (inclusive of 6% GST)
    Total: RM50

  4. PriVillage Card will be cancelled if it is not collected within 60 days from the date of issuance. New application is required for new PriVillage Card to be issued.

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